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Jul 2020

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July 19, 2020

Ep.160 Make Sure To Have Your Fruits And Veggies (Daisy - Fruit and Vegetable Gardening)

Ep.159 I‘m Just Going To Roll With It (Crit - Cyclist)

Ep.158 Russian To English, English To Russian, Music To Ears (Ruslan - Translating Songs)

Ep.157 They Look Like Ants From Up Here (Dionysis -Pilot)

Ep.156 That’s One Way To Use An Axe (Joseph - Axe Throwing)

Ep.155 Not A Pain In The Brass (Dre - Baritonist)

Ep.154 Not The Chips You Can Eat (Mike - Collecting Poker Chips)

Ep.153 How Many Rotations Can You Count? (David - Pen Spinning)

Ep.152 Always Looking For The Right Rock To Grip (Joseph - Rock Climbing)

Ep. 151 Ready, Steady… Still Steady, Staying Steady (Evan - Slacklining)

Ep.150 Welcome To My Stream, Let’s Go With The Flow (Stefan - Twitch Streaming)

Ep.149 Try To Follow Our Lead (Elsie - Ballroom Dancing)

Ep.148 Art That Lives On Keyboards (Mimi - Making Keycaps)

Ep.147 What Sound Can You Hear? (Matthew - Field Recording)

Ep.146 All About Offence And Defence (Jessica - Boxing)

Ep.145 I Stand, You Sit, I Speak, You Laugh (Shereen - Stand Up Comedy)

Ep.144 Sail Sail Sail Your Boat Gently… (Maya - Sailing)

Ep.143 Just A Sip To Study The Taste (Jesse - Whiskey Enthusiast)

Ep.142 The Life Within The Letters (Neha - Calligraphy)

Ep.141 The Precision To Perfection (Dale - Laser Engraving)

Ep.140 My Voice To Your Ears (Brendan - Public Speaking)

Ep.139 Typing It Old School (Ian - Collecting Typewriters)

Ep.138 Adjusting My Shot (Andrew - Nerf Modding)

Ep.137 Beautiful Stars, Seen From Afar (Syahirah - Stargazing)

Ep.136 Throw It Up To Catch It Again (Justin - Juggling)

Ep.135 I See It, I Make It (Bridget - Costuming)

Ep.134 The Joy Of Poi (Sar - Poi)

Ep.133 Even Keys Need Art (Mayette - Epoxy Resin Keychain Maker)

Ep.132 Send Me Back In Time (Chris - Collecting Stamps /Airmail)

Ep.131 Waiting For The Right Carrier (Jason - Surfing)

p.130 Is It Here Or Over There? (Felix - Geocaching)

Ep.129 They’re Moving On Up! (Megan - Dice Stacking)

Ep.128 Keeping My Lane Clear (Deshawn - Bowling)

Ep.127 Dancing Within The Circle (Slavicka - Hula Hoop Dancing)

Ep.126 Mistake, No. Happy Accidents, Yes! (Curt - Painter)

Ep.125 The Rotating Accuracy (Justin - Disc Golf)

Ep.124 The Two-Dimensional Vividness (Dustin - Video Game Sprite / Pixel Art)

Ep.123 What Is Your Next Target? (Dustin - Archery)

Ep.122 Snap, Crackle And You Can Leave Out The Pop (Justin - Whip Cracking)

Ep.121 This Is More Than A Simple Poke (Spencer - Fencing)

Ep.120 Let It Fly To Catch What Swims (Katie - Fly Fishing)

Ep.119 Why Not Live In The Past? (Nichelle - Medieval Recreation)

Ep.118 The Past Will Reflect The Present And Future (Laurie - Learning About History)

Ep.117 Keep Your Tie, I Prefer My Bow (Selina - Violinist)

Ep.116 What Could It Mean? (Emmy - Researching Codes And Symbols)

Ep.115 The Art Of Maintaining A Clear Mind (Iszi - Japanese Jiu Jitsu)

Ep.114 Give Me A Camera And I’ll Create Wonder (Zanah - Microbudget Filmmaker)

Ep.113 Shhh! I’m Trying To Listen To The Beep (McKenzie - Metal Detecting)

Ep.112 Literally Bringing Down The Hammer (Stephen - Blacksmithing)

Ep.111 Simple Block, Massive Creation (Shtim -Minecraft World Builder)

Ep.110 A Treat For The Eyes And Nose (Kim - Floral Art)

Ep.109 The Automatic Connections (Michael - Automation In Software Testing)

Ep.108 My Gamer Mode Is Activated! (Simon - Competitive Gamer)

Ep.107 Helping People’s Words Travel The World (Anthony - Helping People Publish Books)

Ep.106 Creatures And Beast In A World Of Magic (Jesse - Magic: The Gathering)

Ep.105 Toys, Glue And Some Elbow Grease (Tom - Collecting Robot Action Figures)

Ep.104 Bringing Life To Mangas (June - Manga Dub Producer)

Ep.103 Let The Melody Take You (Jackson - Producer/Singer)

Ep.102 Treat Your Eyes To Awesome Effects (Vicki - VFX Artist)

Ep.101 Let Me Send You A Multicoloured Masterpiece (Mcollonough - Painting Envelopes)

100th Bonus Episode (guests ask me any question they want)

Ep.100 Let All The Words Flow (Amber - Novelist)

Ep.99 Under The Sea Or Any Body Of Water (Jennifer - Scuba Diving)

Ep.98 Can You Feel This Electric Flow? (Alex - Electronic Musicking)

Patreon Bonus Episode 2

Ep.97 Remember The Lines (Trixi - Acting)

Ep.96 A Cupcake A Day Keeps No One Away (Brittany -Baking)

Ep.95 Reps And Sets To Feel The Best (Kwadwo - Working Out)

Ep.94 The Stage Is All Yours (Allie - Burlesque)

Ep.93 Small Art, Big Details (Courtney -Miniature Painter)

Ep.92 Chirp, Quack, Twite, Hoot (Erik - Birding)

Ep.91 Now You're Speaking My Game (Doug - Esport Broadcaster)

Ep.90 Hangout With Clouds (Fred - Pilot)

Ep.89 Out Of The Gate And Feeling Great (Scot - BMX Racing)

Ep.88 Want Some Neck Candy? (Brad - Pez Collector)

Ep.87 The Thread In 360 (Jennifer - Embroidery)

Ep.86 Body, Mind, Soul (Sophia - Meditation)

Ep.85 Going On A Word Journey (York - Novelist)

Ep.84 Let The Colours Speak (Jennifer - Colour Communicating App)

Ep.83 More Than 1000 Words (Sabrina - Vintage Photo Collector)

Ep.82 Collecting The Digital Memories (Grady - Digital Scrapbooking)

Ep.81 Pen To Paper, Voice To Ears (Elissa - Song Writer And Singer)

Ep.80 That's Not A Flip. This Is A Flip! (Chris - Flipping On Amazon And eBay)

Ep.79 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall (Matt - Homebrewing)

Ep.78 Where To Next? (Naomi Travelling)

Ep.77 My Turn To Talk (Yagami - Voice Actor)

Ep.76 Make Sure To Get My Sexy Side (Vlad - Kink & Boudoir Photography)

Ep.75 When You Wish Upon A Star (Victoria - Disney Blogger)

Ep.74 Let Go My Lego (Clayburn - Collecting Lego)

Ep.73 All We Need Is A Stage (Axandre - Musical Theatre)

Ep.72 You Must Roll Before You Act (Cody - Dungeons & Dragons)

Ep.71 Bat-Her Up (Casey - Softball)

Ep.70 Activate The Power (John - Building Gaming Computers)

Ep.69 From Point A To Point B (Jia - Running)

Ep.68 Hello Out There, We're On The Air (Ben - Hockey Broadcaster)

Ep.67 Now You're Playing With Nintendo! (Eric - Playing Nintendo Video Games)

Ep.66 We Shall Wait For The Bakes (Awa - Home Baking)

Ep.65 The Sharp Beer Palate (Matt - Craft Beer Enthousiast)

Ep.64 Holding Water From A Rainy Day (Ami - Succulent Plant Grower)

Ep.63 Run Virtual, Run! (Griffin - Filming Virtual Running Videos)

Ep.62 Wall To Wall To Avoid The Fall (Raiden- Parkour)

Ep.61 Over and Under, Comfort Awaits (Melissa - Sewing)

Ep.60 When The End Is Near (Angela - Learning About Death)

Ep.59 Imagination To Reality (Dan - 3D Printing & Modelling)

Ep.58 Up And Down The Hill Thrill (Jim - Mountain Biking)

Ep.57 Let The Record Spin (Cody - Collecting Vinyl)

Ep.56 Mind Over All Matter (Ryan - Mental Health Advocate/Speaker)

Ep.55 Walking The Rotating Dog (Tim - Modern Yoyoer)

Ep.54 I Don't Mind If You Bug Me (Gina - Insect Collector)

Ep.53 Eye Of The Jaguar (Zeigler - Fursuiting)

Ep.52 The Olympics Of Trivia (Mark - Trivia Game Show Host)

Ep.51 Why Should I Believe You? (Diego - Debating)

Ep.50 Just Go With The Flow (Lauren -Improvisation)

Ep.49 Collected The Right Hand (Rob - Cardist)

Ep.48 (bonus) Maximum Efficiency With Minimal Effort (Geert - Judo)

Ep.48 Maximum Efficiency With Minimal Effort (Geert - Judo)

Ep.47 Record And Play (Sam - Youtuber)

Ep.46 Top Notch Slap Shot (Quinton - Hockey)

Ep.45 Knit Me Like One Of Your French Girls (Pascal - Knitting)

Ep.44 The Forgotten Beauties (Connor - Urbexer)

Ep.43 Can You Handle This Spice? (Mimi - Cooking) 

Ep.42 The Full Body Hobby (Eric - CrossFit)

Ep.41 Melody Mix For The Soul (Dj Antek - DJ)

Ep.40 Keep Some Space For Some Good Bakes (Carona - Home Baking)

Ep.39 Let The Rhythm Guide You (Daeshawn - Dance)

Ep.38 From Face To Canvas (Christina - Makeup Art)

Ep.37 Catching The Couch Wave (Jen - Couchsurfing)

Ep.36 The Music Lock With 88 Keys (Juliana - Playing Piano)

Ep.35 Ride The Radio Wave (Dovid - Amature Radio)

Ep.34 Holding That Pose (Lika - Yoga)

Ep.33 Keep Calm And Bring A Carry-On (Yannick - Travel)

Ep.32 My Personal Ocean (Bree- Aquariums)

Ep.31 Healthy Body, Healthy World (Alex - Plogging)

Ep.30 Classic Coloured Cube (Cole - Rubik’s Cube)

Ep.29 When The Sound Feels Right (John - Sound Systems)

Ep.28 The Chit Chat Owl (Jamison - Podcasting)

Ep.27 Never Bored Of Board Games (Ertay - Blind Board Gamer)

Ep.26 Keeping The Beauty By Maintaining His Subie (Benoit-Subaru Enthousiast)

Ep.25 Click, Click, Trade (Beau - Cryptocurreny Trading)

Ep.24 The Vertical Art Workout (Jasmine- Pole Dancing)

Ep.23 He Has The Computer, He Can Rebuild It (Mike - Fixing Computers)

Ep.22 Every Bottle Needs A Hat (Chaz - Collecting Bottle Caps)

Ep.21 The Gems In The Picture (Sachiko -Photography)

Ep.20 Mecha Frozen In Time (Alex - Building Models)

Ep.19 When Words From Books Come To Life (Jonathan - Fantasy Audiobooks)

Ep.18 Reading To Your Destination (Toren - Read While Walking)

Ep.17 Tag Team Stories (Renee - Cooperative Story Telling)

Ep.16 You Might Need Horse Shoes For This Hurdle (Julia - Equestrianism)

Ep.15 Staying Fit For A Better Life (Debbie - Weight Training)

Ep.14 Just Stringing Along (Charlie - Playing Guitar)

Ep.13 When You Rock, You Know You Have To Roll (Max- Rock And Roll)

Ep.12 The Third Eye To Capture The Shot (Linda - Photography)

Ep.11 Gaining Control of His Body Movement (Nick- Muay Thai)

Ep.10 How To Be Sharp With Meat (Andrew - Butcher/Cooking Meat)

Ep.9 Taking It Slow With Smoke (Miguel - Cigar Enthusiast)

Ep.8 Creating The Best Suited Online Character (Jason - Role Playing Video Games)

Ep.7 The First Step To Many More (Grandmama Betty - Walking)

Ep.6 The Visual Art Of Sports In A Panel (Axel - Watching Sport Animes)

Ep.5 Words Say Much Words Say None The Beauty Of Poetry Has Just Begun (Amber - Poetry)

Ep.4 U Pop? I Pop? No… It’s K Pop! (Steph - Listening To K-Pop)

Ep.3 The Hunger For The Picture Perfect Food (Melissa - Food Blogger)

Ep.2 The Good Kind Of Jump Scare (Jonathan- Horror Video Games)

Ep.1 A Dime Today For A Dollar Tomorrow (Josh - Investments)

Ep.0 Intro to Time for your Hobby