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Sep 2018

Ep.4 U Pop? I Pop? No… It’s K Pop! (Steph - Listening To K-Pop)

September 23, 2018

(Steph - Listening To K-Pop)

On this episode I had the honor to have Steph as my guest. She shared with me her interest in listening to K-Pop as her hobby.

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Show Notes:

0:27 - Introduction of the episode and my guest Steph and her hobby of listening to K-Pop.
1:57 - What is K-Pop for people who might not know what it is?
2:07 - Is there a preferable genre of k-pop music you enjoy?
2:38 - Do you try to do some of the dances?
3:06 - When did you get interested in k-pop?
4:41 - They use a lot of english language as well in their songs, right?
5:29 - What was your favorite group when you first started listening to korean music?
6:16 - On a personal level, what does K-pop and korean music mean to you?
7:10 - Did you learn any korean words?
7:49 - How did K-pop turn you into person you are today?
8:32 - Did it teach you more about korea?
9:10 - What is your favorite music group or single artist from Korea?
10:09 - Who from the underground korean music world you are currently enjoying?
11:02 - They have the flow and melody of 90’s music?
11:38 - Do you listen to old generations of korean music of more recent music?
12:08 - Are you excited for the new BTS Album?
12:27 - Where is BTS currently in their music storyline?
13:46 - Has listening to k-pop expand your mind on the music industry in korea?
15:20 - Are the k-pop groups mixed (Korean, American, Japanese, Chinese, Thailand)?
16:14 - Would you travel to another country to go see BTS?
18:12 - Do you have a playlist for different activities?
18:53 - Did you learn to sing from listening to korean music?
19:44 - Are there any misconceptions for people who listen to korean music?
21:24 - Would you consider yourself a true k-pop enthusiast?
28:18 - What is your favorite music video?
29:17 - Do you like dancing to the songs?
29:46 - Do you have any advice for people who might be interested in listening to k-pop?
32:38 - Was there an event recently where a k-pop group came to town?
34:03 - Do you have any recommendations?
35:06 - What does korean music offer that western music doesn’t offer?
38:31 - BTS was on the billboards?
38:56 - Where would you say are the biggest fans?
39:14 - If you had the chance to meet 1 k-pop star, what would you say?
42:30 - Do you listen to any amature k-pop?
44:00 - Do you have a good playlist for k-pop?
44:59 - Do you have any questions for me about k-pop?
48:03 - Have you introduced it to your husband?
48:40 - Have you introduced k-pop to someone else to help them cope with life?
49:30 - So on a normal day, how much korean music would you listen to?
50:36 - Outro