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Jan 2020

Ep.74 Let Go My Lego (Clayburn - Collecting Lego)

January 26, 2020
(Clayburn - Collecting Lego)
In this episode, I had the honour to have Clayburn as my guest. He shared with me his interest in collecting Lego as his hobby.
Clayburn’s links:
Instagram (personal): @Clayburn
Youtube: BlockieTalkie
Twitter (Blockie Talkie): @BlockieTalkie
Instagram (Blockie Talkie): blockietalkie
Patreon (Blockie Talkie): Blockie Talkie
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00:28 - Intro
01:01 - Who is Clayburn?
01:22 - Do have a social media link or website you would like to share, where can people find you?
01:54 - How did you get introduced to collecting Lego?
03:30 - Do you still own your first lego set?
04:17 - Do you prefer classic Lego or themed Lego?
06:34 - Does Lego have any original sets today?
08:13 - Did you ever own a box full of random Lego pieces?
09:43 - Are you a fan of new Lego pieces that is further away from the traditional Lego shapes?
13:06 - What is the connection between collecting Lego and making Youtube videos?
16:14 - How big is your Lego collection?
17:32 - Do you buy your Lego set online or in-person?
19:06 - What is the coolest thing you seen built out of Lego?
21:54 - If you had the opportunity to create a Lego set, what would it be?
26:04 - What would you say is the best part about solving collecting Lego (on a personal and emotional level)?
26:57 - Did you ever use Lego to solve a daily problem?
28:01 - What was the biggest challenge you had when you first started collecting Lego?
28:40 - What was your current challenge?
29:55 - Has collecting Legos helped you relax when you’re stressed?
31:03 - Has collecting Lego ever stressed you out?
33:34 - Have you ever broken any Lego pieces?
34:38 - How has YouTubing about Lego affected how you go about collecting Lego?
35:51 - Talking about Lego rental service.
36:30 - What are some misconceptions about people who collect Lego?
39:58 - Do you want to present your hobby to the world or use it as your escape from reality? 
42:16 - Do you have any word of advice for anyone who might be interested in this hobby?
45:42 -  Do have a social media link or website you would like to share, where can people find you?
46:25 - Do you have any questions for me about collecting Lego?
52:14 - Outro