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Oct 2019

Ep.58 Up And Down The Hill Thrill (Jim - Mountain Biking)

October 6, 2019

(Jim - Mountain Biking)

On this episode I had the honour to have Jim as my guest. He shared with me his interest in mountain biking as his hobby.

Here are all the resources Jim provided to help you learn more about mountain biking.
Jim’s reddit user name: /u/JEMcolorado
Jim’s email: eddybiker60@gmail.com 
Front Range Mountain Biking: https://www.facebook.com/frontrangemountainbiking/ 
Colorado Mountain Bike Association: https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoMountainBikeAssociation/ 
Colorado Mountain Bike Association: https://www.comba.org/ 
International mountain biking association: https://www.imba.com/ 
Pinkbike : https://www.pinkbike.com/ 
MTBR: https://www.mtbr.com/ 


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00:28 - Intro
01:00 - How did you get the name ‘’Jim From Denver”?
01:35 - Who is Jim?
02:17 - introducing mountain bikes.
02:33 - How did you get introduced to mountain biking?
07:50 - Do you remember the features of your first mountain bike?
08:35 - How many bikes have you had since your current bike?
10:21 - What is your process when it comes to choosing new bikes?
15:14 - Where do you see the future of mountain biking going?
18:34 - Talking about mountain biking in winter.
20:32 - What time for year do you prefer going mountain biking?
21:32 - How long does a season last for you?
22:25 - Do like to go through the same paths or new ones?
23:58 - What do you tend to bring with you while mountain biking?
27:39 - Do you prefer mountain biking alone or with company?
28:42 - What would you say is the best part about mountain biking?
30:18 - What was your biggest challenge when you first started mountain biking?
32:33 - What is your current biggest challenge?
33:26 - Talking about injuries with mountain bikes.
34:31 - What are some misconceptions about mountain biking?
37:12 - Do you want to present this hobby to the world or keep it for yourself?
38:08 - Do you have any word of advice for anyone who might be interested in mountain biking?
40:40 - Do have any social media links you want to share?
42:38 - Do you have any questions for me about mountain biking?
45:31 - Outro