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Jun 2019

Ep.39 Let The Rhythm Guide You (Daeshawn - Dance)

June 2, 2019

(Daeshawn - Dance)

On this episode I had the honour to have Daeshawn as my guest. He shared with me his interest in dancing as his hobby.

If you want to learn more about Daeshawn, you should follow him on Instagram at @dontgiveabit (https://www.instagram.com/dontgiveabit/?igshid=1sbhrbl7g3fnk)

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Time Line
00:27 - Intro
01:10 - Learning more about Daeshawn
01:54 - What is your hobby?
02:09 - When did you get introduced to dancing?
03:56 - Who was the best dancer at that time in your family?
04:16 - Does your brother still dance with you
04:52 - What is your preferred style these days?
05:21 - What would you say is the best part about dance?
06:17 - Did you ever try to use dance to impress someone you liked?
06:26 - Daeshawn used water to help him moonwalk.
07:51 - Where is your favorite place to practice dancing?
08:32 - Did you ever meet another dance while dancing on the street?
09:17 - Did you have a name for your dance group?
09:45 - Did you have nicknames for yourself?
10:20 - Where do you go to get inspiration to learn new moves?
12:38 - How long does it take you to master a new move?
13:09 - Do you tend to improvise your moves if you mess up?
14:05 - Do you have a pair of lucky dance shoes?
14:34 - Do you prefer dancing casually or competitively?
15:56 - Do you prefer dancing alone or with other people?
16:43 - Are there some moves you were not able to accomplish yet?
17:02 - Have you created any moves?
18:07 - Did you ever hurt yourself while dancing?
19:02 - What was your biggest challenge when you first started dancing?
19:46 - What is your current biggest challenge?
20:20 - Who is the oldest person you know that dances?
21:19 - Have you taken the time to learn the history of pop lock?
21:39 - Have you seen an evolution in your dancing?
22:45 - Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to dance?
23:37 - Talking about K-Pop group BTS
24:15 - Talking about B-Boy Jr and breakdancing?
25:18 - Talking about angry dancing?
25:57 - Has dancing helped you relax when you are stressed?
27:50 - Has dancing ever stressed you out?
28:28 - Do other people’s opinion have an impact on your dance moves?
29:32 - What are some misconceptions about people who dance?
30:58 - What has dancing taught you in life?
32:38 - Do you want to present you hobby to the world or keep it to yourself?
33:23 - Do you have any word of advice for anyone who might be interested in dancing?
34:58 - Do you have any social media links you would like to share?
35:57 - Do you have any questions for me about dancing?
36:48 - Outro