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Jun 2020

Ep.96 A Cupcake A Day Keeps No One Away (Brittany -Baking)

June 28, 2020
(Brittany - Baking)
In this episode, I had the honour to have Brittany as my guest. She shared with me her interest in baking as her hobby.
Food is essential for living and sometimes well all need a little something sweetness in our lives to give that little extra boost. Brittany is one of those amazing people that loves baking and trying new recipes and create some sweet awesomeness. While we were talking she mentioned that she's not a big fan of cupcakes which makes the title of this episode ironic. So I guess a cupcake a day will keep Brittany away. But you know what won't keep her away? Cookies!
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Twitter (podcast): @Chess_talk
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