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Jan 2020

Ep.72 You Must Roll Before You Act (Cody - Dungeons & Dragons)

January 12, 2020

(Cody - Dungeons & Dragons)

In this episode, I had the honour to have Cody as my guest. He shared with me his interest in playing Dungeons & Dragons as his hobby.

This is the second time Cody is on this podcast. If you want to listen to the first episode he was on, you should check out episode Ep.57 Let The Record Spin (Cody - Collecting Vinyl).

Cody’s links:
Cody's podcast (Chess Talk Podcast): https://chesstalk.podbean.com/
Twitter: @Chess_talk (https://twitter.com/Chess_Talk)
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00:28 - Intro
00:55 - Who is Cody?
01:51 - Do you have any social media, podcast and websites you would like to share?
02:42 - What is DnD?
04:26 - How did you get introduced to DnD?
05:08 - Did you ever play DnD with your dad?
05:40 - Do you prefer playing D&D with visuals of just orally?
06:40 - Do you go into character when you are DM?
07:25 - Talking about how we are playing the same campaign.
08:44 - Do you prefer being the DM or a player?
10:29 - Are you a brutal DM or a generous one?
12:16 - Do you time every player’s moves?
13:18 - As a DM did you ever play as a character as well during a campaign?
14:08 - How long does it take you to prepare for a new campaign?
15:16 - What was the longest campaign you ever played?
15:43 - How long are your campaign?
15:57 - What are some dos and donts while playing DnD?
18:53 - Would you ever be interested in playing in a campaign placed in a different universe (Star Wars, Lord of Rings, Anime, etc.)?
20:14 - What vinyl does enjoy playing while playing your campaign?
23:09 - What is the best part about playing DnD?
25:47 - What was your biggest challenge when you first started playing DnD?
26:49 - What is your current challenge?
27:24 - Did you ever play DnD online?
28:03 - Has playing D&D helped you relax when you’re stressed?
28:51 - Did you ever make an NPC named after someone that irritates you?
29:31 - Has playing D&D ever stressed you out?
31:49 - Have you ever had an argument while playing DnD?
32:40 - What are some misconceptions about people who play D&D?
35:14 - What has DnD taught you in life?
37:11 - Do you want to present your hobby to the world or use it as your escape from reality?
38:25 - Do you have any word of advice for anyone who might be interested in this hobby?
40:07 - Do you have any social media, podcast and websites you would like to share?
41:00 - Do you have any questions for me about Dnd?
51:03 - Outro