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Dec 2019

Ep.70 Activate The Power (John - Building Gaming Computers)

December 29, 2019

(John - Building Gaming Computers)

In this episode, I had the honour to have John as my guest. He shared with me his interest in building computers as his hobby.

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00:28 - Intro
00:51 - Who is John?
01:26 - John shares his links.
02:16 - When did you get introduced to building gaming computers?
02:46 - Do you still own your first computer?
03:11 - What is the oldest computer you built and still own?
03:58 - How do you build your computers (for gaming, video editing, etc.)
04:45 - How do you go about when it comes to use AMD vs Intel, Nvidia vs AMD, fan vs water cooling?
07:29 - Talking about how when someone learns to build a computer for the first time.
08:12 - What game has pushed your computer to its full capacity?
08:46 - Is there any game that is coming out soon that will push your computer to its limits like The Witcher 3?
09:53 - How many PCs do you have?
10:41 - How many computers have you built in your life?
11:18 - Do you challenge yourself when building a PC?
13:54 - Where do you go to gain information about PC stuff?
15:09 - How long does it take you to build a gaming computer?
15:31 - Did you ever build a PC that didn’t seem to work?
17:35 - What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to building computers?
19:05 - What would you say is the best part about building computers?
20:28 - What are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to building computers?
21:46 - What was your biggest challenge when you first started building gaming computer?
23:23 - What is your current challenge with building computers?
25:33 - What would you say are some misconceptions about people who build gaming computers?
26:57 - What has building gaming computers taught you in life?
28:03 - Has building gaming computers ever helped you relax when you’re feeling stressed?
28:57 - Has building gaming computers ever stressed you out?
31:11 - Do you want to present your hobby to the world or use it as your escape from reality?
32:36 - Do you have any word of advice for anyone who might be interested in this hobby?
34:04 - What is a good price range to build a good gaming PC?
35:15 - John shares his links
37:43 - Do you have any questions for me about building gaming computers?
41:43 - Outro