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Jul 2020

100th Bonus Episode (guests ask me any question they want)

July 26, 2020
This is a special bonus episode to mark my 100th episode goal. I honestly did not think I would make it this far and I am excited to record many more episode and share more hobbies with the world.
In this special bonus episode I have many of my first 100 guests ask me any questions they want and I try my best to give a good answer. 
I would like to say thank you to everyone that participated in this. The questions are placed in order of the episode release so it will be easy to follow. If you would like to learn more about the individual who participated in this, I will indicate their episodes below (click the link in the bio to listen to their episodes and find their social media links and websites):
  1. Ep.1 A Dime Today For A Dollar Tomorrow (Josh - Investments)
  2. Ep.4 U Pop? I Pop? No... It's K Pop! (Steph - Listening To K-Pop)
  3. Ep.12 The Third Eye To Capture The Shot (Linda - Photography)
  4. Ep.17 Tag Team Stories (Renee - Cooperative Story Telling).
  5. Ep.20 Mecha Frozen In Time (Alex - Building Models).
  6. Ep.21 The Gems In The Picture (Sachiko -Photography)
  7. Ep.24 The Vertical Art Workout (Jasmine- Pole Dancing)
  8. Ep.30 Classic Coloured Cube (Cole - Rubik's Cube)
  9. Ep.38 From Face To Canvas (Christina - Makeup Art)
  10. Ep.44 The Forgotten Beauties (Connor - Urbexer)
  11. Ep.48 (bonus) Maximum Efficiency With Minimal Effort (Geert - Judo)
  12. Ep.57 Let The Record Spin (Cody - Collecting Vinyl) / Ep.72 You Must Roll Before You Act (Cody - Dungeons & Dragons)
  13. Ep.66 We Shall Wait For The Bakes (Awa - Home Baking)
  14. Ep.71 Bat-Her Up (Casey - Softball)
  15. Ep.75 When You Wish Upon A Star (Victoria - Disney Blogger)
  16. Ep.76 Make Sure To Get My Sexy Side (Vlad - Kink & Boudoir Photography)
  17. Ep.77 My Turn To Talk (Yagami - Voice Actor)
  18. Ep.78 Where To Next? (Naomi -Travelling)
  19. Ep.79 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall (Matt - Homebrewing)
  20. Ep.80 That's Not A Flip. This Is A Flip! (Chris - Flipping On Amazon And eBay)
  21. Ep.83 More Than 1000 Words (Sabrina - Vintage Photo Collector)
  22. Ep.84 Let The Colours Speak (Jennifer - Colour Communicating App)
  23. Ep.85 Going On A Word Journey (York - Novelist)
  24. Ep.86 Body, Mind, Soul (Sophia - Meditation)
  25. Ep.87 The Thread In 360 (Jennifer - Embroidery)
  26. Ep.88 Want Some Neck Candy? (Brad - Pez Collector)
  27. Ep.89 Out Of The Gate And Feeling Great (Scot - BMX Racing)
  28. Ep.90 Hangout With Clouds (Fred - Pilot)
  29. Ep.92 Chirp, Quack, Twite, Hoot (Erik - Birding)
  30. Ep.94 The Stage Is All Yours (Allie - Burlesque)
  31. Ep.95 Reps And Sets To Feel The Best (Kwadwo - Working Out)
  32. Ep.96 A Cupcake A Day Keeps No One Away (Brittany -Baking)
  33. Ep.97 Remember The Lines (Trixi - Acting)
  34. Ep.98 Can You Feel This Electric Flow? (Alex - Electronic Musicking)
  35. Ep.5 Words Say Much Words Say None. The Beauty Of Poetry Has Just Begun (Amber - Poetry) / Ep.100 Let All The Words Flow (Amber - Novelis

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