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Sep 2018

Ep.2 The Good Kind Of Jump Scare (Jonathan - Horror Video Games )

September 8, 2018

(Jonathan - Horror Video Games)

On this episode I had the honor to have Jonathan as my guest. He shared with me his interest in horror video games as his hobby.

If you would like to follow him on steam you can find him at @gangistirr. Futhermore, his instagram page name is aslo @gangistirr.

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Show notes:

0:26 - Intro
1:52 - When did playing horror video games become your hobby?
2:24 - Did you build your own PC?
2:40 - Did you play horror video games when you were younger?
3:12 - What got you introduced to horror video games?
3:58 - What kind of horror video games you like to play?
4:40 - Do you like playing games where you have weapons or games where you have nothing to defend yourself?
5:36 - What was your first horror game you played?
7:17 - What is the current horror game you are playing?
8:53 - Do you play different horror video games for different thrills?
9:28 - Do you get sweaty when you are playing?
10:15 - What kind of impact did horror video games have on your perspective on life?
11:05 - Are there any horror video games you replayed?
11:38 - What makes a game a horror game?
13:19 - Would you rather play single player or multiplayer horror game?
15:11 - What are your top 3 best horror video games you played?
20:03 - VR or no VR when it comes to horror video games?
20:52 - What would you do if you had the chance to create a horror video game?
22:59 - What would be a good monster to have in your horror video game?
24:46 - What are some stupid things horror video games have done that made the game worse?
26:41 - Have you ever played horror games on your mobile phone?
27:32 - What kind of game would you recommend for people who might want to start playing horror games?
30:03 - Do you have any game recommendations for someone who already plays horror games?
31:30 - How would you feel if they use a real celebrity as the main character in a video game or do you prefer a fictional character?
34:12 - Do you have any social media links or websites you would like to share?
35:09 - Do you have any questions for me about horror video games?
38:50 - Outro