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Time For Your Hobby

Sep 2018

Ep.0 Time For Your Hobby (what to expect from this show)

September 8, 2018

Welcome to ‘‘Time for your Hobby’’ I’m your host Alex and this podcast is made for anyone with a hobby. Whether it's a big hobby or a small one, everyone can pull up a seat with me and share it with the world. The main objective of this podcast is to expose the world to the various hobbies people have, what kind of impacts it had on their lives and how it made them who they are today. If you’re wondering if your thing is considered a hobby, you should ask yourself this: is it an activity you do on a regular bass during your leisure time for pleasure? If the answer is yes, then that would fall under the category of a hobby in my books. In other words, your hobby could be collecting retro video games, cliff diving into large bodies of water, repairing car classic german cars, going on hikes with your dogs, playing sports barefoot, producing EDM for the elderly, or even a modified activities tailored to make it more enjoyable for you. For example, your hobby could be painting a vivid image based off the music you listen from old vinyls. Even if you don’t have a hobby today but had a memorable one from the past you are more than welcome to come talk about it on this show. Furthermore, a hobby is not limited to a regular activity done for free, If it's not your main source of income… you guessed it, you’re welcomed on this show. While a hobby can become your career, Your career isn’t necessarily your hobby. I know that might sound confusing but for this podcast series we will focus on hobbies. But there are some exceptions. Let’s say you work at a rock climbing store and you also do rock climbing on your free time, then ye, you can come talk about it on this show since its something you do when you are not at work. But back to this podcast cast series, you don't even have to be a professional at your hobby, all skill levels have something different to offer on this show. Moreover, I know some people have multiple hobbies, so that means you can come back on your show to share your other hobbies with the world. This podcast is also going to be open to discuss hobbies that already appeared on the show since everyone bring a little something different to each hobby. For example, you might like cooking peanut butter cookies in your oven while others cook their cookies in a hot car in the middle of July. To each their own. If you want to be on the show but don't want to reveal your name, I got your back. We can give you a radio name such as Jake, jihyoo, Mohamed, Ava, Diego, or even your first bad email address like Skybanana176. The choice is yours.

I am sorry ahead of time if I can not answer all your emails as quick as I would hope, I will do my best. Keep in mind that is also a hobby for me. I will try to upload an episode every week and sometimes I will post 2 episodes in the same week (only when I have to many episodes saved up). If you would like to be on the show or have any questions, you can send me an email at timeforyourhobby@gmail.com Hope to talk to you soon, Take care.