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Sep 2018

Ep.3 The Hunger For The Picture Perfect Food (Melissa - Food Blogger)

September 8, 2018

(Melissa - Food Blogger)

On this episode I had the honor to have Melissa as my guest. She shared with me her interest in food blogging as her hobby.

If you would like to follow her amazing food blogging instagram page you can find her at https://www.instagram.com/mels.hangry.table/?hl=en

Her facebook page: Mels Hangry Table

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Show Notes:

0:26 - Introduction of the episode and my guest Mel and her hobby of food vlogging
1:41 - How did you get introduced to food vlogging
2:14 - What is your instagram?
2:27 - How did you come up with the name ‘’Melshangrytable’’?
4:12 - On a personal level, what has being a food blogger done for you?
4:42 - How to approach new restaurants to promote their foods?
6:38 - Did you plan to become a food vlogger or was it spontaneous?
7:20 - Were you a food blogger by the time you went to Japan?
7:26 - Where would you like to go and food blog?
8:17 - Do you have any recommendations for thai restaurants here in Ottawa?
8:48 - Where is your sister’s thai restaurant?
9:45 - Have you done food blogging for the food you cooked?
11:09 - How did food blogging turned you into the person you are today?
12:00 - Is your boyfriend a good cook?
12:44 - Do you have special equipment to take your photos?
13:50 - How is the food blogging community?
14:22 - When do you get to that level where you can be considered a food blogging influencer?
16:00 - What is the single best thing about food blogging?
17:39 - Do you have a specific angle you take your pictures?
18:22 - Did you ever consider buying a DLSR?
19:18 - Do you different techniques for different foods?
21:27 - Do you take pictures for restaurants menus?
22:03 - What is your biggest challenge for your hobby?
22:52 - What would be the best way to get sponsors?
23:48 - What makes you different from other food bloggers?
26:00 - What would you say is your target audience?
27:33 - What would you say are some of the biggest misconceptions about food blogging?
30:03 - Has food blogging ever stressed you out?
30:53 - Do you see yourself being a foodie for many years to come?
31:42 - Do have any advice for anyone who might be interested in becoming a food blogger?
33:33 - Is it something you wish you started earlier?
34:30 - Run me through a normal day of blogging?
36:40 - Do you prefer food blogging solo or with other people?
37:23 - Do you have any questions for me about food blogging?
40:28 - Do you have any influences?
42:15 - Do you want to share your social media links with the listeners again?
42:17 - Outro